Video Services

Monet in ActionIlluMonet Productions came about as most things do, as a meeting of two needs. A need for myself, to do work that is fulfilling and of service to others and a need for others to have access to affordable video services.

I come from an artistic background. I have been surrounded by musicians, artists and entreprenuers all my life. I guess, it was only a matter of time, for me to test my wings and see if I can make this freelance, business for myself thing fly. And so far, the winds have been favorable!

I shoot in HD and edit with Final Cut Pro. I was an early adopter of Final Cut, teaching myself how to cut with the first version before being picked up as a staffer by ABC News in San Francisco. I do work with Motion software and have green screen capabilities.

I am easily approachable and can blend into any scene or crowd at will, which have proven to be advantageous when shooting video. I did several years of undercover investigative work before going into news, which has given me mad skills as a human chameleon.

If you have read this far, you probably have a sense of my laid back style. I enjoy a light hearted but hard working atmosphere. I have a sense of humor that enjoys being engaged and a work ethic that has kept me gainfully employed since 1983. So I am experienced….but I’m NOT OLD!

I graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science, hoping to some day do the greatest documentary that would change the world and win an Academy Award. Kids are cute, aren’t they? My dream has changed since then. It has deepened and broadened. My dream is about creating lots of little documentaries. Yours.

So….let me shine my light on your business. Let me help you, tell your story. Let’s make movie magic together!

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