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Indie Campaign Goes Live!!!

The below listed crowd sourcing campaign has ended but another is coming up soon!!! We can use all the help we can get to get this doc finished and into theaters! Below is the video from that campaign.


IlluMonet Productions is super excited to announce that the IndieGoGo Fund Raising Campaign has gone live for Stilettos For Shanghai!!! Woot! Woot!

Click here to view the campaign and watch my trailer.

Help any way you can! Any little bit helps!!!

I need to raise funds for a stealthier camera to get in and out of Shanghai with my footage of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence¬†participating in Shanghai Pride 2014. In China it is still forbidden to “promote” unlawfully. That means all events and parades must be approved ahead of time, and at this point, Pride events are not sanctioned. Consequently, everything must be planned secretly and any footage must be taken surreptitiously. I really need your help!

Thank you!!!!




ORAM International

ORAM International is an organization near and dear to my heart. They assist the often most vulnerable members of society through the refugee process, the LGBTI communities. They do extensive international training with NGO’s to help teach them how to best address the needs of their clients. They are compassionate and dedicated and I was thrilled when they invited me to walk in SF Pride with them!

This was a little Thank You Video sent out to their walking contingent.

Thank you ORAM for all the amazing work you do!!!

Get Waxy With Adele Shaw

Adele Shaw has been a working artist in the Bay Area for over two decades. She has worked in many mediums, from print making to oil to her current love…wax! It is incredible to watch her work and I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon in her studio.

Treat yourself to some eye candy and check out her website at . You will get lost in the images and love every minute of it! Her work is amazing!


And a big special thanks to Sean Hayes for the use of the music! It was perfect!

Move Autism

I have been documenting Robin Zander’s work with young people who are on the Autism Spectrum. His practice Move Autism is located in San Francisco and he has done international clinics taking his experience and techniques on the road, helping families overseas.

The kids love him and the parents are really thrilled with their children’s progress which you can see in the following testimonial. It is a joy to watch Robin and the other practitioners work. And after a few sessions myself, I can see and have felt the benefit of his work.

Thank you Robin for all that you do!!!


Alicia Dattner Comedian and Coaching Guru!!!

I had the privilege last fall of doing a little promotional work with Comedian and Coaching Guru Alicia Dattner. She is hilariously funny and if you ever have the opportunity to do any life coaching with Alicia, I highly recommend it. I did a series of 10 sessions and it was literally life altering. I have never felt better about where my life is headed and I have huge wave of gratitude repeatedly flowing her way! Check her out at

This was for Alicia’s Spiritual Comedy Festival, which I am happy to say, did really well!!! Congrats lady!!!

New York New York 1280 x 720

A quick “Thank You” video to my Team and Donors after my recent trip to NYC to walk in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. My team, Team High Beam, raised almost $19k for breast cancer treatment and research. I couldn’t be prouder of my team and more grateful to my donors. Thank you!!!

Systematic Revenue

-An introductory video for Systematic Revenue’s website. Systematic Revenue is a software company that provides small and medium sized businesses with the tools they need to automate their marketing. From campaigns to ongoing email contact with potential customers, Systematic Revenue learns what your clients’ needs and interests are, to help your business grow.

Keep ERV on the Road

-A successful Kickstarter Campaign video that was run by The Crucible. The Crucible is a nonprofit industrial arts school in Oakland California. They do all things fire and transformative! From foundry work to wood shop! This fund raiser was for much needed maintenance and TLC on their outreach vehicle.

Last Dance With Mary Jane

-A music video of Push performing Tom Petty’s tune. Push is a Bay Area rock band that is fronted by Dan Ashley, ABC7′s lead news anchor. Push does original and covers and plays concerts and charity events. Clearly they enjoy what they do!